What is AppAngles?

AppAngles.com is an APPS Discovery Platform. App Angles surfaces the latest Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, Web apps, Softwares and other technical creations. App Creators can upload their latest creations and Deals.

How to upload or submit Apps to AppAngles?

You can upload or submit Apps to AppAngles in two ways :

I. You can send an email to submit@appangles.com with App details like App Name, Description, Link, Images, Videos and after proper verification your App will be live on AppAngles. 
II. You can upload apps by Yourself. But to do this you should be a Verified Member of AppAngles, so first register on Appangles and then you need to click on
"upload", fill in your details in the form and once admin approves your account you will be able to upload your awesome Apps on AppAngles.

How soon my Apps will be live on AppAngles?

The submitted apps will be live within 48 Hours as all the submitted Apps will be reviewed by our Editors. 

Why my App is not live even after 48 hours?

Your App may have some missing information or may not adhere to our policies. You can write to submit@appangles.com to know the details about your app.

Still have any other questions that are not listed here? No problem, you can email us at hello@appangles.com